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Dr Jane Habib

Dr Jane Habib
Doctor Jane Habib

About Dr Jane Habib

Dr Jane Habib provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for the health needs for women of all ages. Jane understands the sensitive nature of many issues faced by her patients and approaches all matters with the utmost of empathy and care. 

As an experienced female GP she can help with all aspects of care from adolescence, through to menopause and beyond.

Her goal is provide easy access to comprehensive, high quality medical care. We have created the Women's health clinic as a part of Premier Health Partners, anticipating that the services offered by the women's clinic will complement those offered by our general practice and that there may well be some overlap.

Dr Jane works both in the women's clinic and in the general practice.

How Can Jane Help You

For our women's clinic she provides the following services:

- Pap Smears

- Antenatal shared care (coming soon)

- Contraception, including insertion of contraceptive implants

- Sexual Health Checks

- Menstrual/gynaecological problems

- Breast Examinations

- Medical Abortion

Jane also sees men for a variety of medical conditions

A little Bit More About Jane

Jane graduated from the University of Queensland in 2004. Prior to completing her medical degree, Jane obtained a Bachelor of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University. She obtained her Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of GPs in 2010.

As  a result of her unique entry into general medicine, Jane has a very strong emphasis on a holistic approach to health-care. Her background as an integrative GP has seen her work alongside a variety of other health providers (both allied and orthodox medicine) to achieve the best outcomes for her patients.

In recent years she has worked in Cairns, Armidale (NSW), as well as a number of locum placements all the way up the east coast of Australia. Her focus on delivering best practice medical care has seen her lecture the medical and dentistry schools at University of New England (2011-2014) as well as James Cook University (2009-2010).

Jane loves her job and along with Women's Health enjoys all aspects of general practice. Her primary interests include Mental Health, Chronic Disease prevention and management, Palliative care, Integrative Medicine and Education. 

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Please have a read of a recent interview conducted with Jane in the North and West Melbourne News:

Dr O’Keefe: Jane, you recently made the move from Queensland. What are your impressions of North Melbourne? Have you found any nice cafes or restaurants?

Dr Habib: I am really enjoying Melbourne. I have spent a large part of my life in the country and moved to Melbourne after six years in Armidale, New South Wales, and one year travelling and working in Queensland. I am currently taking advantage of the all the things city life offers, like shopping, entertainment and food. Melbourne is a great place to experience city life as it’s very easy to travel around the city, and it has such a lot to offer in terms of diversity of culture and entertainment options.

Do you have areas of particular interest or expertise within your practice as a GP?

I enjoy all aspects of general practice. As a country GP I’ve had a lot of experience in complex disease management, mental health, geriatrics, women’s health, children’s health, palliative care, minor skin procedures, and of course Integrative Medicine.

Can you tell me about what led you to study medicine and become a GP? You are also a qualified naturopath. How has this influenced the way you assess and/or treat patients?

As a young mother I was passionate about ensuring that my children were as healthy and happy as possible, and I had been exploring various avenues to achieve this. I realised how important basic things such as a healthy diet, healthy environment and lifestyle were to ensuring good health, and that it is vitally important to consider the health of the whole person — mind, body, emotions and spirit. I also started growing medicinal herbs and began studying herbal medicine. After spending 12 years at home raising my children I decided to return to study, and naturopathy was an extension of my interests. Through my work as a naturopath I became interested in Integrative Medicine. Integrative Medicine combines mainstream medical diagnosis and therapies with reliable, evidence-based complementary therapies and focuses on all aspects of a person’s health. I felt to practise this way I needed to study medicine and so I continued my studies, becoming a GP in 2007.

Do you think these complementary studies have given you a wider range of options to draw on when considering the best ways to care for your patients?

I have found that this background has given me a very broad understanding of health and the prevention and management of disease. As a GP I’m focused on diagnosis and treatment of disease, ensuring that serious medical conditions are not missed, and that illnesses are treated appropriately. However, mainstream medicine is not always the best treatment option, and sometimes has little to offer patients, for example in the treatment of colds and osteoarthritis. In some diseases a combination of mainstream medicine and alternative therapies results in the best outcome for patients. In my practice I try to offer safe and individually tailored treatments to each patient, including medical, nutritional, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle advice. And I’m happy to work with naturopaths and other alternative practitioners to help patients achieve good health.

There is a wealth of alternative and natural therapies available to patients. Do you think there is potential for the collaboration between traditional medical practitioners and complementary healthcare practitioners to grow? Do you think this has changed the expectation of patients in relation to how they are managed by their GP?

Yes, I think patients are much more aware of the options for prevention and treatment of illnesses. I think as a GP it’s important to understand the various options available and can help patients make informed decisions about their health. It is also important that as a GP I understand the various complementary medicines and supplements patients take so that I can monitor and advise them regarding the efficacy, interactions or possible adverse effects of these medications.

You’re about to become a grandmother for the first time. How are you feeling about this special occasion? 

Very excited. Can’t wait! 

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