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Manual Handling Classes

Benefits of Manual Handling Classes:

Manual handling classes can decrease costs and chance of musculoskeletal injuries.

Manual handling classes can be one of the best preventative steps workplaces can take to reduce the risks and cost of injuries. We can help to identify the risks for injuries at your workplace through a pre-class walkthrough and tailor a manual handling class to suit your needs.

Most onsite injuries at work can be attributed to poor manual handling techniques, therefore education can be the first and most important step to preventing these injuries.

We can also work with your existing injured workers to teach best manual handling techniques to prevent re-injury.

Manual handling classes can improve productivity

A workplace with poor manual handling setup can lead to inefficiency. By improving workers movement and efficiency, correct manual handling can lead to increased productivity in workers and less time off sick.

Manual handling can improve quality

A poor workplace environment can lead to worker discomfort and less productivity. This means that workers can be frustrated and tired leading to poor work. Let us help you and your workers continue to do what you do best, pain-free and with full movement

Manual handling classes can improve employee engagement

Employees will recognise and appreciate the effort companies have placed in organising an manual handling classes. This can lead to overall employee happiness and productivity.

Manual handling classes can create a better safety environment.

A manual handling class can demonstrate the commitment to the health and safety of employees from the company. This used in conjunction with overall well being and an injury management scheme can lead to a healthy longlasting safe workplace environment.

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