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Getting back into exercise after your new baby

I often encounter new mums in the clinic who want to get fit again but don’t know where to start. Trying to wrestle back control of a busy schedule in the months after the birth of a new child is definitely tricky!

There are no hard and fast rules to success, however, as a qualified Myotherapist who has battled chronic injury as well as a busy lifestyle, I've got a few tips for finding the time and motivation to get going again;

  • Baby steps: Don’t expect to dive straight into your old exercise routine after a lay off. Get your muscles and joints moving with a walk around the block!
  • Convenience is king: Don’t make your workout another obligation in an already busy life. Use the swimming pool at the end of the street, rather than the one that is fifteen minutes down the road. If it's convenient, it’s more likely to be sustained.
  • Lean on routine: Incorporate your chosen activity into your daily or weekly routine. Initially aiming to do lots of a little, instead of a little of a lot.
  • Find a friend: Training or working out with someone will help to keep it fun, not to mention give you that extra push to keep you motivated.
  • Be kind: Receiving regular Myotherapy treatments will be great for your musculoskeletal system, so include this as part of your program. This also extends to stretching and diet; if you’re going to commit to a new healthier you, that means looking after yourself.

The hill always looks steep from the bottom but once you start the climb you can begin to appreciate the view. So keep it simple, feel your way through, and stick with it - you’ll be fitter and feeling better in no time, which is great for you and you baby!

Dan White, Myotherapist

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