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West Melbourne Physiotherapy

West Melbourne Physiotherapy Services at Premier Health Partners

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At West Melbourne Physiotherapy our primary focus is always on YOU. We believe in an individualised approach focusing on managing your symptoms of stiffness, pain and discomfort. Whether competing in your first marathon, returning back to work safely or sitting at work pain-free, we understand the impact pain and loss of function can have on your life and we want to get you back doing the things you love doing. We believe in understanding your body and
addressing the underlying causes and issues that have led to the presenting condition. This way you can rest assured that we are treating the long term causes of the injury, not just the short term symptoms. 


We also specialise in complete workplace health care for employees and employers. We can be involved in the whole workplace process. We will work with you to develop individualised and comprehensive occupational health program which involve experienced General Practitioners, Physiotherapist and Nurses that suit the needs of your workers.

Department of Veteran's Affair's, TAC and Workcover - You will pay no out of pocket expenses

One on one treatment: At West Melbourne Physiotherapy we offer one to one Physiotherapy appointments so you have the full access to the Physiotherapist. 
Hands on treatment: We focus on a hands on approach to help alleviate pain and discomfort. 

Soft and deep tissue massage: Soft and deep tissue massage has many positive effects including helping to improve muscle and tissue healing as well as restore full movement. 

Joint mobilisations: Joint mobilisations can help restore full function and decrease pain and discomfort in stiff and tight joints and ligaments. 

Real time ultrasound: We have access to cutting edge real time ultrasound to better diagnose and assist in the rehabilitation process so you can see visually progress in strengthening program. Real time ultrasound is especially helpful in core strength training and knee strengthening. 

Pilates Exercises: We offer 1:1 Pilates assessments and strengthening programs with a trained Pilates Physiotherapist. We complete a full assessment and give you a personalised Pilates exercise program you can complete at home or in one of our classes. 

Exercise prescription: We work with you to devise a personalised and targeted exercise program to help you reach your goals sooner. This may include home exercises, a tailored gym program or running program. 

Taping and strapping: We also offer taping and strapping for sports and to help manage joints and balance to be able to compete and play in a safe manner.

Meet our Physiotherapist

Quoc Ho

Quoc Ho has a vast experience in his ten years of working as a Physiotherapist. Graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2006 he has worked in sports physiotherapy, occupational health physiotherapy and private practice physiotherapy. Quoc has travelled and worked overseas in the UK specialising in musculoskeletal injuries. Returning to Australia he has continued his work in musculoskeletal injuries specialising in occupational health and sports injuries. He has experience in occupational health including working with Deloitte, Boeing, Coles and Toyota. He has also worked for local sporting teams in soccer and AFL. Quoc believes in a whole approach which focuses on you. He believes in a thorough interview about the condition and goal setting. Understanding the injury, anatomy and causes as well as how physiotherapy and exercises can help is important to help you to recover quicker. 

Quoc believes in a hands on approach with physiotherapy which is one on one. It is important to have the body return to normal movement as soon as possible. He complements these treatments with targeted and goalĀ­driven exercises that not only treat the symptoms but make sure strength and function are returned. We want to make sure you are always in safe hands. 

Away from Physiotherapy, Quoc has a great interest in travel and sports. Quoc is an avid supporter of the Collingwood Football Club - please do not hold that against him. He continues his education in Occupational Physiotherapy and has completed further training in Workcover and TAC. Come in a meet our newest member of our team today!

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