Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments help to assess your office environment to make your office space comfortable.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics is our relation to our surrounding environment.

With more hours spent at desks and work it is not too surprising that there are many pains, stiffness and injuries now related to our work environment.

At premier health partners, we can help you to assess your office environment to suit your needs whilst also being aware that you, as an office worker, will have your own preferences and ways your make your office space your own and comfortable. This is why we work in with you to devise a plan to help you achieve the best office set up to prevent injuries and poor postures.

5 benefits of an ergonomic assessment of your workstation:

1. Ergonomic assessments can decrease costs and chance of musculoskeletal injuries.

Studies have shown that ergonomic assessment can be one of the best preventative steps workplaces can take to reduce the risks and cost of injuries. A thorough and ongoing ergonomic assessment can identify issues with office set up that may lead to repetitive strain injuries early. We can also work with your workers to adjust the office environment to ensure recovery of existing injuries. With many of us spending more time at our desks, all office workers would benefit from an ergonomic assessment.

2. Ergonomics can improve productivity.

An office environment with poor ergonomic setup can lead to inefficiency. From poor lighting, to incorrect chairs or computer screens much time can be used to address these issues. With the correct professional help, your company can address these issues.

3. Ergonomics can improve quality.

A poor ergonomic set up can lead to pain, discomfort and less productivity. This means that workers can be frustrated and tired leading to poor work. Let us help you and your workers continue to do what you do best, pain-free and with full movement.

4. Ergonomics can improve employee engagement.

Employees will recognise and appreciate the effort companies have placed in organising an ergonomic assessment. This can lead to overall employee happiness and productivity.

5. Ergonomics can create a better safety environment.

An ergonomic assessment can demonstrate the commitment to the health and safety of employees from the company. This used in conjunction with overall well being and an injury management scheme can lead to a healthy long lasting safe workplace environment.

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