Injury Management

Injury Management is a complete early intervention program designed to assess and improve your worker's outcomes.

Injury Management program

At Premier Health Workplace Solutions we have all the expertise to provide you with our complete early intervention injury management program. In this program we aim to assess and improve your worker's outcomes yet using your Workcover excess on practitioners and Physiotherapists who understand your job tasks and environment can be better placed to improve worker outcomes.

Benefits for injured employees

  • Minimise unnecessary disability
  • Employer guarantees payment for early treatment
  • Prompt and timely appointments
  • Communicative practitioners

Benefits for Employers

  • Use practitioners who are willing to communicate
  • Use practitioners who understand the job
  • Early return to work
  • Employee can stay at work
  • Reduced hours lost
  • Reduce unnecessary disability
  • Reduce costs
  • Employer excess of $682 is used with practitioners and doctors who understand job tasks, happy to communicate and have the best interests and understanding of return to work, stay at work.

Guiding principles

  • Stay at work/return to work is main goal of program
  • Time off work should only be certified when medically necessary
  • Staying at work can prevent/reduce the worsening of psychological problems associated with time off work.
  • Medical certificates must be clear, specific and demonstrate progress
  • Effective communication and teamwork
  • Clinical management based on evidence

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